My Favorite Posts

I write a lot of posts on this blog. Some of them are excellent and I pride myself on having written them. Others are not that interesting or great.

I figured I’d skip you to some of the good ones :). Feel free to pick and choose from your favorite categories.

On Tech Projects

Analyzing Relationships Between ESG Metrics and Stock Performance (this is a long Jupyter Notebook, and probably most fun to read if you’re into nerding out about data science)

Here’s the first part of my review of the book that inspired the overzealous notebook in the previous link.

Multivariate Linear Regression Visualizations (This post is about a work in progress. The project clearly still has a long way to go.)

On Culture

Anger and Sadness in the Workplace

How do we make remote meetings not suck? (Part 3 in a 3 part series. Preceding posts linked at the top)

How to Socialize Big Changes at Work

Disrupting Management: A Fix for Tech Culture

On Inclusion

‘Smart’ is Not a Hiring Criterion

Bias Doesn’t Start with Skin Color