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Welcome to the gift shop! This is where you can purchase stuff that I have made.

Remote Work Sucks (eBook)

Introducing remote work to an organization takes time and effort. Without that investment, important things can go wrong—leading orgs to rethink their decisions to go remote. There are lots of blog posts extolling the merits of remote work, but less information about what might go wrong and how to fix it. We’ll talk about potential drawbacks, where they’re coming from, and why they happen. We’ll discuss solutions without pretending that those solutions are easy. I leave it up to you to decide if those solutions make sense for your org.

I focus on tech companies, so some of the book talks about strategies for distributed teams to collaborate on a software project. Most of it, though, covers the management, teamwork, and coordination that happen on a team at any org.

Even if your org never decides to go remote, this book can equip you with collaboration strategies to help you succeed.

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Leveling Up (Audio Version)

The popular series, Leveling Up as a Programmer, makes its way to audio, read aloud by the author (ahem, me).

This series spans more than twenty posts about the strategies, tactics, and skills you need to continue to deepen and broaden your skill set as a technologist with minimal stress. Now you can take them on-the-go for your commute, or a long walk, or a quick reminder while you make breakfast or dinner right before you get to STUDYING.

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