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As you may have noticed, sometimes I write things 🙂

I’m working on writing longer things, including books! I have one book available for pre-order right now.

Remote Work Sucks

If you enjoyed my blog post called “Why do Remote Meetings Suck So Much?“, you just might love this book.

From the introduction:

Introducing a company to remote work takes a significant investment of time and effort. Without that investment, important things can go wrong. It’s when those things start going wrong that companies start to rethink their decisions to go remote—either because they didn’t expect things to go wrong, or because they can’t find information about how to fix them.

I wrote this book to even the balance of information. We’ll talk about potential drawbacks associated with remote work, where they’re coming from, and why they happen. We’ll discuss solutions without pretending that those solutions are easy. I leave it up to you to decide if those solutions make sense for your company.

Even if your company decides to never go remote, this book can help you curate collaboration strategies that will help your company and your team succeed.

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