Tech Leadership: Fault vs. Responsibility

When I captained my sports team in high school, I complained that coach always blamed things on me. If I got yelled at for failing to bring a watch to practice, fine–that was my mistake. But if the weather turned, or the equipment broke, I still got yelled at. I hated it. It wasn’t fair! After all, those events were not “my fault.”

Here’s the thing, though. Despite the fact that I didn’t want to be blamed for the things that weren’t my fault, I wanted to be in charge. I wanted to keep the fun, independent part of leadership and dispose of the downside.

In tech companies, I see managers and directors do this all the time. When things go wrong in an organization, the leader’s first move is to point out when the problem was not his or her fault. This behavior is a hallmark of weak leaders who fail to solve problems.

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Takeaways: Machine Learning Yearning by Andrew Ng, Chapters 1-14

Andrew Ng knows a thing or two about machine learning. He cofounded Coursera and instructed the seminal machine learning Coursera class, then served as the VP and Chief Scientist for Baidu before recently launching a new project called Ng has made an enormous impact on modern machine learning and machine learning education.

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How your Dudebros are Losing You Money: The Microcosmic Impact of Inclusion on your Bottom Line

I once talked about why your selection process gives advantages to some applicants based on ethnicity and gender. That post assumes that readers want to have a diverse workplace, but today I’d like to take a step back and look at why it’s important so that you have more ammo to talk about this with your managers, clients, and colleagues.

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Dear Corporations: Read this before you sponsor Pride

Dear Corporate Marketing People,

I get it. The Pride parade has a massive audience. Getting your name in front of that many people can boost your customer base and your recruiting efforts. Sponsor away.

But please do not cannibalize your company’s Diversity and Inclusion budget to do it, Because what you are doing is not allyship to the queer community.

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