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Hi! I’m Chelsea Troy. I write code for money, work out for fame, and keep this blog for…some reason.

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I’m head over heels for software engineering.

That brings with it a couple of things:

  1. A commitment to rigor. You’ll see that reflected in how I write code and how I write about code. The data science, Android, and iOS posts exemplify this.
  2. A begrudging determination to make this industry a better place. You’ll see that reflected in posts about management and leadership in tech, as well as in this never-ending series designed to help folks level up as engineers on their own.

You can find me on Twitter and Github. If you’re interested in working with me, you can reach me at chelsea at chelseatroy dot com. If you mention this blog, I’m about a hundred times more likely to respond :).

I also keep my instagram public. Major themes: gross post-workout photos, artwork progress pics, and gushing love letters to the city of Chicago.

All of my blog, and any code it references, carries a creative commons ShareAlike license (CC by-SA).

There are basically four terms you can mix and match in a license:

  • Attribution (credit the creator when using this)
  • ShareAlike (anything using this must carry the same license as this does)
  • NonCommercial (don’t sell anything using this)
  • NoDerivs (don’t adapt, modify, or remix this)

You can quote my stuff and then sell it (multiple people do it), but when you do, please credit me, and your work automatically can also be remixed and sold.