Debugging: Podcast Interview with Ruby Rogues

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Last month I sat down with the hosts of Ruby Rogues to talk about one of my favorite topics: debugging!

You can play the podcast in a new window or download it right here.

This is (I think) the last one out of the little run of podcast recordings I’ve done recently, and it’s probably the most technical of the bunch. I wanted it to be useful for experienced software engineers, but also accessible for newcomers.

The show notes from Ruby Rogues:

In this episode of Ruby Rogues, Chelsea Troy teaches us to hone our debugging skills to a razor-sharp edge. We learn how to actively improve debugging skills, train troubleshooting instincts and practical strategies for tackling brain-bending bugs.



  • John Epperson
  • Luke Stutters
  • Charles Max Wood


  • Chelsea Troy



Luke Stutters:

John Epperson:

Charles Wood::

Chelsea Troy:

Follow Ruby Rogues on Twitter > @rubyrogues

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