A Conversation About Tech Jobs, Mobile Development, and Blogging

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Hiya folks!

Last week I had a conversation with Fabian Tamp about…well, it was originally gonna be about blogging, but we also talked about tech careers and what we do. We even touched on automated testing for mobile apps (because it wouldn’t be a conversation with me if software risk mitigation didn’t get in there somehow).

Chelsea and Fabian

Below I have included the audio, a list of topics by timestamp, and then links to resources we talked about.

My timestamps don’t link to the corresponding locations on the audio itself. Fabian’s links do, so if that’s what you’d like, I recommend heading over to his blog to check out his version of this post.

Topics, by Timestamp

00:00:00 Intros, Berlin, Chicago, Where is ‘home’?
00:02:35 Chelsea’s current software engineering work, projects, live-streaming development
00:05:40 Storyboarding and mobile UI, Starting with screens, Why is UI development always so fiddly, Huge evolution in Android over the last 4 years
00:08:20 Fabian’s transition from Android to Backend, “Full Stack Development”
00:10:00 Fabian’s job search, criteria, jobs with meaningful products.
00:11:45 Has it been easier to find remote jobs because of Coronavirus?
00:13:20 Chelsea’s trajectory, work-life balance, burnout, limits to concentration, productivity flux throughout the day
00:18:00 High- vs Low-pressure software development, software development for fun, Terrible Sourdough
00:24:15 Corona and work-life balance and staying inside all the time, weather in Chicago (US), Berlin (DE), Wollongong (AU), climate change
00:29:00 “What a situation we’re in” – 2020 is the year of all the other shoes falling, Mercury stuck in retrograde etc
00:32:15 Blogging! Writing Process, Robert Heaton on how to come up with blog ideas
00:35:10 People don’t read code; how to prevent people’s eyes from glazing over
00:36:10 Hillel Wayne on using appropriate examples
00:38:00 Different types of blog posts and their motivation
00:46:15 Blog posts in job applications, hiring
00:50:00 Hiring and interviewing in general, resumés, “interview shape”
00:52:45 Open source work, making it easy to contribute
00:56:30 Splitting responsibility between management and individual contributor work
00:58:25 Intersection between social / cultural issues and technical work
01:08:00 From amorphous idea to blog post
01:14:25 Making sure your work is seen by people, motivation
01:20:00 Testing on mobile

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