20 Minute Talk: Giving and Receiving Feedback

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Every audience loves this slide. And honestly, how could you not?

Our team skills impact our career trajectory. The more senior we become, the truer it is.

But who teaches us team skills? Usually, no one: we land in the workforce, wide-eyed with wonder, and struggle until we figure it out. You know what gave me anxiety for years after I started working in teams? Giving and receiving feedback.

So this talk covers a bunch of actionable steps to help you give and receive feedback more effectively, with less anxiety.

I gave this talk recently at Pivotal Labs. We got a video recording!

Freeze frames, for your entertainment

The slides and approximate transcript are already on this blog, but the recording includes a question and answer period, too. So I made a catalogue (see below) of all the questions the audience asked me, with links to the time on the video where the audience member asked the question.

Here’s the full video:

Question Catalogue:

21:50 How do you give feedback that has to be given that the person didn’t ask for, or doesn’t want?

23:18 How would you approach the question “Do you have any feedback for me?”

24:32: Do you have any opinions on the regularity of feedback?

26:06: What do you do if a person is only giving you positive feedback and no negative feedback?

28:57: What pitfalls might you run into while adopting a collaborative model of feedback?

31:30: Do you have any advice for making feedback a pattern on distributed teams?

33:21: In asynchronous communication, are you worried about misperceptions of tone in writing?

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