Test-Driven iOS: Testing Asynchronous Network Calls with FutureKit

Lately I’ve found myself writing asynchronous network calls on mobile platforms in the reactive style. I want to share how you can test-drive calls like this for iOS. The following example uses SwiftyJSON for JSON deseriaization and FutureKit as the asynchronous framework surrounding the network call. There are several libraries in iOS that do both of these things, but your structure here will look similar with any of them.

This example is updated to Swift 3.

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Do iterations make business sense?

When an engineering manager tries to sell you on developing software in iterations, it sounds like a scam waiting to happen. You pay them money to write software for some number of hours, but the developers offer no guarantee that they’ll finish the features you’re asking for. It’s not even like getting your bathroom renovated; sure, the contractors take way longer than they said they would, but at least they don’t charge you more for the privilege of waiting. Why would any business agree to that for software?

This question is more interesting than it looks. It seems like common sense to us not to trust the iteration—but only because we make a common set of assumptions about how we should produce, consume, and pay for software.

And maybe, just maybe, those assumptions are wrong.

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A Survival Guide for Female Employees in Male-Dominated Companies

*This post originally appeared on the blog of The Digital Dames under one of my pseudonyms.

No. Way.

You just got an offer from that amahhhhhzing company with the $70M venture round and the [insert tech buzzword here].

Maybe the business is super-secretive, or maybe all their glassdoor reviews rave about how fun it is to work there. Beer! And Starcraft!

You show up on your first day, eager to meet all the badass women in leadership.

All zero of them.

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