Test-Driven iOS: Passing Information With Segues

In past posts of test-driven iOS, we have talked about instantiating view controllers with dependencies. What if we want to pass information from one view controller to the next one?

Let’s explore how we would test-drive a storyboarded iOS application that passes information from a master list view controller to a detail view controller.

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One-Page Notes: Weapons of Math Destruction, by Cathy O’Neil

Folks ask me about the dangers of trusting computer-generated algorithms and artificial intelligence. The conversation usually brings up a future scenario in which the machines outsmart humans.

But there’s a more current problem: we trust machines to build algorithms based on incomplete or biased data that we feed them, and they perpetuate poor and unfounded decisions under the guise of ‘scientificness’ because a computer made the decision. Continue reading “One-Page Notes: Weapons of Math Destruction, by Cathy O’Neil”