Spring Batch with Java Config: An Example

Enterprises tend to be large, old institutions. They have done a lot of stuff, and they have a lot of data under their belts. When we’re working with enterprises to build apps that will help them understand their data, we need a way to process that data that takes time and system limitations into account. We can often process a lot of stuff at once more efficiently by using batch jobs. Spring Batch gives us a convenient tool to perform batch processing in Spring applications.

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Spring Integration with Java Config: An Example from Spring Integration in Action

The year is 2016. As a developer, the majority of the third-party service endpoints I work with on a daily basis follow (or sort of follow) the RESTful API guidelines. However, RESTful APIs were not always the web transfer methodology of choice. There are numerous ways to transmit information over HTTP. Outside of HTTP, systems might also employ FTP or another use of the TCP/IP protocol to transmit information between computers. For managing multiple myriad types of integrations, we have Spring Integration.

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Test-Driven iOS: Enabling Unit Testing with a Code-Only UI

I write automated unit tests for each of the classes inside my apps. This includes iOS apps, which have classes that extend classes defined by the iOS framework. I want these classes to take care of the framework-specific and device-specific details of showing new screens, handling their life cycles, et cetera. For other logic that I write, I like to have my view controllers and other iOS objects delegate that work to injected classes.

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