The First Two Weeks at Pivotal Labs

About twelve weeks after graduating from bootcamp, I walked into the Chicago office of Pivotal Labs for my first day as a professional software engineer. Given the boundless intelligence and vast expanses of knowledge of other people I knew who held this title, I felt like an impostor. This isn’t uncommon in the tech community, especially among women, but just because it was a normal feeling didn’t make me believe that it didn’t have some basis in reality. So I decided that my best bet was to level up as quickly as possible so I could be of some service to the other engineers with whom I would be pairing each day.

I also decided to document, for each day of my first two weeks, what I studied outside of work. Many of the resources mentioned herein were recommended to me by other Pivots, to whom I owe a debt for their continuous support. I hope that this resource list, though it is specific to the project I worked on in those first two weeks, can be of some service to others who want to improve quickly in their full-time developer roles.

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