A Reading Companion to Caleb Doxsey’s Book on Golang

Maybe you’ve heard of golang (henceforth Go): a Google-born, concurrency-friendly, statically typed language with a growing community of devotees. Although the size of the language’s collection of syntax pales in comparison next to, say, Ruby’s, Go also handles a few key programming concepts in ways that differ from the FP and OOP languages we’re used to so that a seemingly simple question like “Is Go object oriented?” takes 2,505 words to answer.

I began learning Go in preparation for contributing to Diego. One of the first and most comprehensive resources I came across, aside from the Go documentation itself, was a free online manual called An Introduction to Programming in Go by Caleb Doxsey. The book turned out to be an excellent starting point for learning the language. That said, I found myself skimming some chapters, rereading others, and seeking outside resources as I went along. In this post, I’ll use Caleb’s book as the cornerstone of a suggested curriculum for programmers who would like to pick up Go as an additional language.

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Learning Java from TDD by Kent Beck

I’ve just finished my second read-through of Test Driven Development by Kent Beck (thank you to Austin at Pivotal for loaning it to me!). Even on the second read, I must liken my experience of reading it to that of watching this lightsaber battle:

It’s fascinating and mesmerizing, and people who clearly know exactly what they are doing make lightspeed decisions back to back to back directly before my eyes. I watch and rewatch with a sense of awe, hoping that I, too, can one day make the split-second design decisions that Beck makes with such ease in both Java and Python. And, like anyone who has attempted to learn to reenact the above lightsaber battle, I found myself often pausing and rereading Beck’s examples in an effort to break them down and understand what, why, and how.

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